Red Accents.


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Red Accents.



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A certain smell that fills the air, or that song that makes you smile every time the tune flutters in and out of your ears…

A moment in time with friends, or a memory that drifts back into the mind…

We all have those little things in life that bring along a sense of familiarity. It makes us feel comfortable, and at ease. Maybe it’s the bed you sleep in every night, or that trinket you keep by your side no matter where you go.



Just something I read scrolling down one of my favourite blogs and daily reeds. I like quotes that trigger so many thoughts.

Happy weekend, everyone! I am in for a very lazy one after my first week with my new Reception Class! Enjoy the last couple of warm days we have left.




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I am just writing a quick post to say thank you to all of you who decided to follow my blog for one reason or another!
I have been busy, trying to sort out my new classroom (you don’t realise how much rubbish you gather throughout the year!), so I had a spare minute to check in here and- surprise, I’ve got my 100th follower!! 🙂

This makes me hysterical! I started this blog as a way to relax and also, a bit of writing practice, share my love for fashion, art and teaching. But I did not even thought about reaching anything close to 100 people following my blog!

Thank you ever so much, I hope I will be able to come back to regular blogging practice soon enough! This feels amazing!

Love, V. X x

Leavers Assembly. Last goodbyes.


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Today’s been a truly fantastic day and I really needed to share how great it was. Not long after I joined the Southfields Primary I found out how unbelievably talented and amazing our children are. The school is placed in rather rough area and these children have so little at home but they try hard, they have big hearts and take their education seriously.
These are only a few reasons why we, the staff, try really hard to make their time at school as enjoyable as possible. And they deserve much more than that!
Today was our leavers assembly and we decided to make it as a little talent show sort of thing, where we gave everyone a chance to perform and oh my god, it was incredible! From drums to beautiful singing, to dancing, gymnastics, piano and so much more! By the end I really had tears in my eyes because I am ever so proud to be given the chance to teach such an amazing bunch.
It’s common to give appreciation to the teachers for their work but the truth is we would not succeed if these lovely children didn’t put so much effort and love into their work.
Days like this I am thankful for being a teacher and I know all the hard work and staying after hours is worth it! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Snippets of a Sunday


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I’ve always found it really interesting to observe other people’s lives. I catch myself staring at photography blogs and personal social media very often, checking on what they find themselves doing on a typical day. I am fascinated by how different people are and how differently we live our lives- the different people we interact with, the different food we eat, hobbies and interests, and how we change day by day.

Truth is, I’ve never thought about how my days look like, I just sort of get on with them. The other day I stumbled upon a blog post which gave me the idea to try and photograph a whole day hour by hour, and so I did. It is really interesting to see the results and think about the way you go in your own life. If you haven’t done it before- I highly recommend!

So here is one Sunday of my life…

(I chose Sunday because it usually is the most exciting day of my week as I spent the other 6 at school or getting ready for school but Sunday is a day for me)

8am: Sunday light


I am a morning person so there is no such thing as weekend lay ins in my life. There is nothing better than waking up with the natural sunlight that energises your body. I am in love with every new day and look forward to the next one.

9am: Breakfast


Breakfast buzz is the best kind of buzz, giving you energy for the rest of the day. I know that much from my good old nan but kind of decided to avoid it for years. Having breakfast is a recent thing for me but one of the best recent things to have happened…

10am: My OOTD


This is a really old dress but still going strong. I can’t remember where I bought it from but it was at least three years ago. It is perfect for an easy day and reminds me of long summer nights and barbecues in gardens with friends. Bag and hat are from Billabong.

11am: Walks around town


I find it so difficult to stay at home in the weekends and I am talking about any weather condition- from the warmest sun to the heaviest rain. There is just so much beauty out there…

12am: Refreshing


My new love is this Cool lime iced green tea from Starbucks. At least one cup a day is absolutely essential. I still haven’t tried making it at home (how hard can it be) but I seriously need to because it is turning into a pricy obsession.

1pm: Quick stop to smell the flowers


Roses are my favourite. I grew up in a small town where there were roses growing wildly everywhere. My life has changed drastically from that and not often I have time to stop and enjoy the beautiful smell but when I do, I think about home.

2pm: Random buyings during my walk


A while ago my mum sent me a really cute handmade 3-pieces clay set- plate, bowl and cup, beautifully decorated and ever since I have been in love with pottery. I decided to start my own collection which is slowly growing and I am very pleased. These are my new additions to the family :).

3pm: My very own slice of heaven


I was very fortunate to move in a house with a lovely, sunny garden which I transformed into a little meadow- grass and flowers growing everywhere. I spend as much time as possible out here to submerge myself in my thoughts and to relax; to just breath and be.

4pm: Snack of choice


Smooth almond butter, spread on a toast of seeded bread- definitely a snack to die for.

5pm: Hiking


I can’t help it, can’t sit still. Woods, meadows, trees and wildflowers are my oasis. Weekends are the best time to go out and explore. Fortunately, there is so much for exploring around where I live and my sister is the best hiking partner.

6pm: We found ourselves a castle


3 miles later in the woods we found a castle. The garden reminds me so much of Game of Thrones, we couldn’t help but play Lannister and giggle the whole time…

7pm: Findings


Best part of every walk is discovering something new. This time was a beautiful little lake covered by lilies. I haven’t seen many water lilies before and certainly not pink and purple ones so it was a magical moment for me.

8pm: Well deserved cup of tea


I can never miss a nice, warm cup of tea before I shower and get ready for bed. Yogi Liquorice tea with a drop of honey is my all time winner. Nothing soothes my soul quite like this one does and the little words of wisdom that it comes with always put a smile on my face and get me excited for every next day.

What does a day in your life look like?

Love Xx

P.S Excuse my chipped nail polish!

What I’ve been up to recently


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Keeping up with blogging has been ever so difficult in the last couple of months. Spending almost every minute of my day in school, coming home completely drained, it almost seems impossible to find a spare minute to start again. But, good news is, there are only 3 weeks left before end of term! Which, of course, means more time for myself, until September anyway. And before it starts sounding like a complain, I absolutely love my job but, also, the thought of coming back to regularly blogging makes me super happy and excited. I’ve missed it!

As of what I’ve been doing recently, apart from helping with reports and assessments?

Well, my fantastic little helpers and I planted our own tomatoes and salad cress in the classroom.



We were also very lucky to witness the whole life cycle of a butterfly- growing our own little caterpillars, seeing an emerging beautiful butterfly out of it’s chrysalis and finally releasing it out in the nature where it belongs which was such an exciting and joyful moment for all of us.

I went to some home visits this week, which was a completely new experience to me and a little bit of an eye-opener, considering how little some of these families have… I am currently looking forward to opening day when I am meeting the new reception class (they are only 4 years old and look so little, it is actually quite scary!). And last but not least, I was sort of forced to take part in the school’s talent show which is in the last Thursday of term… Oh well, I can’t really tell if I am excited or scared about it… but hopefully, it will be good fun…

I am sorry this is already quite a long post but I’d like to end it with a poem from one of our children Corey. We are very fortunate in our school to have a fantastic outdoor area and we have been trying to take some of the learning out there (I am sure I will be writing a separate post about it). Teaching outside turned out great and the kids seem to love it. They enjoy being out in the nature in absolutely any weather condition and they are a lot more focused on their tasks. Whilst out there on a rainy day, Corey wrote some beautiful poems and keep in mind this is a child that finds writing really difficult.



Non-uniform Day


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Tomorrow has been decided as a non-uniform day at my school because we are raising money for a little girl from Birmingham but the teachers are expected to dress up in school uniforms! That sounds fun!

It’s been ages since I left school and haven’t put a uniform on so I really struggled assembling one from what I’ve got in my wardrobe, hoping there won’t be need for going to the shop and this is what I came up with, which will hopefully work!

Looking forward to tomorrow, I am positive that the kids will have fun seeing their teachers all dressed up!

Teachers in uniforms day.