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Untitled #65

I always get attached to my clothes and accessorise as bad as it sounds and if I come up with an outfit I feel comfortable in I would wear it every day if possible until I find something new.
This outfit has been my favourite for a few weeks now and I show up at work wearing it at least once a week, just changing a few details here and there so it’s not all the same. (Adding a scarf, put on different shoes, sometimes just a change of hairstyle makes it look different..).

I remember that I wasn’t sure of these trousers when I bought them because I am very petite and I’ve always thought I don’t suit the cigarette fit but it’s amazing how much the looks changes when matched with the right item. As for the shoes- they are my favourite this season. I love Shellys, actually have obsession with the brand and for the last year every single pair of shoes I’ve owned comes from there.