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Today’s been a truly fantastic day and I really needed to share how great it was. Not long after I joined the Southfields Primary I found out how unbelievably talented and amazing our children are. The school is placed in rather rough area and these children have so little at home but they try hard, they have big hearts and take their education seriously.
These are only a few reasons why we, the staff, try really hard to make their time at school as enjoyable as possible. And they deserve much more than that!
Today was our leavers assembly and we decided to make it as a little talent show sort of thing, where we gave everyone a chance to perform and oh my god, it was incredible! From drums to beautiful singing, to dancing, gymnastics, piano and so much more! By the end I really had tears in my eyes because I am ever so proud to be given the chance to teach such an amazing bunch.
It’s common to give appreciation to the teachers for their work but the truth is we would not succeed if these lovely children didn’t put so much effort and love into their work.
Days like this I am thankful for being a teacher and I know all the hard work and staying after hours is worth it! I wouldn’t change it for the world!