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Keeping up with blogging has been ever so difficult in the last couple of months. Spending almost every minute of my day in school, coming home completely drained, it almost seems impossible to find a spare minute to start again. But, good news is, there are only 3 weeks left before end of term! Which, of course, means more time for myself, until September anyway. And before it starts sounding like a complain, I absolutely love my job but, also, the thought of coming back to regularly blogging makes me super happy and excited. I’ve missed it!

As of what I’ve been doing recently, apart from helping with reports and assessments?

Well, my fantastic little helpers and I planted our own tomatoes and salad cress in the classroom.



We were also very lucky to witness the whole life cycle of a butterfly- growing our own little caterpillars, seeing an emerging beautiful butterfly out of it’s chrysalis and finally releasing it out in the nature where it belongs which was such an exciting and joyful moment for all of us.

I went to some home visits this week, which was a completely new experience to me and a little bit of an eye-opener, considering how little some of these families have… I am currently looking forward to opening day when I am meeting the new reception class (they are only 4 years old and look so little, it is actually quite scary!). And last but not least, I was sort of forced to take part in the school’s talent show which is in the last Thursday of term… Oh well, I can’t really tell if I am excited or scared about it… but hopefully, it will be good fun…

I am sorry this is already quite a long post but I’d like to end it with a poem from one of our children Corey. We are very fortunate in our school to have a fantastic outdoor area and we have been trying to take some of the learning out there (I am sure I will be writing a separate post about it). Teaching outside turned out great and the kids seem to love it. They enjoy being out in the nature in absolutely any weather condition and they are a lot more focused on their tasks. Whilst out there on a rainy day, Corey wrote some beautiful poems and keep in mind this is a child that finds writing really difficult.