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I first laid eyes on it couple of months ago, there was something that caught my attention but wouldn’t say I instantly fall in love with it. Selfies of girls scrubbing with Frank were/still are? all over the social networks and as great as they looked, the fact that it was becoming some sort of a new trend really put me off at first because I really struggle with commercialism. I am, also, super conscious when it comes to skin products, especially the ones that advertise cellulite and stretch marks treatment…

But have you ever come across a product that you just feel drawn to for no apparent reason? Well this is how my obsession with Frank began :). I ended up buying a pack regardless my negativism. I am not sure if it was the social impact that influenced this decision, some sort of unconscious will to join the Frank babes team or it’s just something in the product, the way it’s represented and advertised but it really piqued my curiosity.


One scrub was needed to lift my doubts and I was in love. It leaves the skin moisturised for days, makes it baby soft and so silky. Now I still don’t know if it does any help with cellulite, stretch marks, eczema etc. but I do recommend it for it’s beautiful scent, fun nature and smooth touch.

Put on some nice music, light a candle, get dirty to get clean :).

Wish you many happy scrubs!

V. X x

P.S. I really wanted to be objective because I remember how I would look for hours for a review that gives some downsides along with positive comments and it was impossible but if you ever consider buying a pack, I promise you, you will find out quickly why that is. Prepare yourself for a lot of mess though, because that’s the type of guy Frank is! Not sure if it’s a positive or a negative side as it can be quite fun :).