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I’ve been asked what do I want for Christmas from almost all my loved ones who have no imagination and don’t appreciate a good surprise! I am rubbish at choosing presents myself, so I do understand how difficult and frustrating the Christmas shopping can be but I try to have fun.

I’ve been too busy thinking what presents to buy rather than what present do I want for Christmas. I had a spare minute tonight so here is my official Christmas wishlist!


Fragrance: Chloe; Ja Dore- Dior; Lancome- La Vie Est belle;

Bags: Coach

Shoes: Hogan Trainers; Jeffrey Campbell Chelsea Ankle Boots;

Lingerie: Rosie for Autograph;

This year I am in love with Rosie’s collection for M&S Autograph and this must be my favourite bit of the wishlist!

But mostly I wish for a magical Christmas for everyone filled with lots of love and joyful time!

Have a good evening everyone!

P.S I hate that most days are super hectic and I don’t have much free time. Nevertheless, I genuinely miss blogging and am determined to come back to it soon and start updating more than once a month! 


V. Xx