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Happy Late Halloween my spooky beauties,

I didn’t have the chance to celebrate Halloween along with the rest of the people on Thursday because I was at work the next day. Unfortunately, my office is not that fun either so we didn’t have a dress up theme which is a shame. But anyways I still got to wear my Halloween outfit because my friends had a Halloween party on the Saturday. I know it’s a bit late for this post but you can maybe use it as inspiration for your next theme party or Halloween 2014?

Since we were celebrating it late this year we didn’t stick to the traditional decoration. Instead we decorated the flat to look like a horror house/murder scene. Sadly, I do not have many pictures from the scene yet because I took them all with my film camera and the film takes couple of days to be developed. But as you can imagine, walls covered in fake blood, skulls, fake dead bodies, one creepy guy holding an axe and so on.

There was a huge variety of costumes too which was so exciting. We had the whole Addams Family and personally my favourite costume- Oli’s handmade ghostbusters costume! We had couple of skulls dressed people, detectives, crazy scientists and everyone’s favourite this year: Jessie and Walter White as seen in Breaking Bad!!

And my costume: well I don’t know if I was very creative this year when it comes to the costume. I spent a lot more time and effort to make the flat looking ace and left my look behind. I was the ghost of murdered 40’s housewife.


The camera destroyed the look a little bit because my face was a lot more ghosty on the day but you can still get an idea!

Now my costume was super easy and cheap to make- one thing I enjoyed about it! I found this dress in a vintage store ages ago and finally had a good reason to use it without looking too weird! I also, added pearl necklace and earrings which really helped to get the 40’s look done. So I exclude the dress and pearls because I had them in advance and as for the make up, I didn’t have to buy anything special apart from the white foundation. In the end, the hair was standard pin up hair- couple of victorian rolls and curls. First, I put flowers in my hair but eventually I decided to buy a fascinators hat.

To achieve the 40’s make up:


And here is a mood board with most of the products I used to create my look:


I first started with applying the white foundation on my skin- pretty pale if you want to look like a ghost. Once it’s evenly applied put some black undertones on the cheeks. The most important part of the look are the eyes. I started with red eyeshadows, applying them in circle around the eyes. Once I was happy with the way the red mixed with the white foundation, I started playing with other colours until I reached the creepy eyes. So in the end, what I used was a mix of red, black, blue and green/yellow ish colour. Finished the eyes with thick, 40’s eyeliner and fake eyelashes. As for the lipstick, I used bright red lipstick but in order to look scary I added black eyeshadows on my lips. In the end, using the same colours eyeshadows I made some very convincing bruises all over my body and this is how I finished my look.

If you have any horror theme parties coming up soon, feel free to use the idea! Everything looked incredible which I didn’t expect and the people seemed to have fun so yey, it was worth it! Hope you had a very scary Halloween too!


V. Xx