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The British Summer time officially ends this Sunday and the coldest winter of them all is not waiting any longer to make an appearance. However, the sun can shine on a rainy day and the sun today is the shiniest of the brands- Indah.

I admit I do not know much about the history of the brand- when it all started or how… However, I know that the creator Libby is on a mission to create the perfect, most comfortable set of bikini and she definitely does it right to this day.


It might be a bit weird that one of my favourite clothing companies is a bikini one. I definitely do not live in a hot country and the sun does not visit us too often, which makes wearing bikini unacceptable right away. The reason I like Indah’s clothing is they way their products are being presented. You see the brand and you instantly associate it with freedom, the smell of hot sunny days and the sound of the summer nights.
There is so much romanticity in the brand and a warm feeling of comfort and happiness.

There are only a few brands in my list that inspire me every day and Indah is most certainly one of them.