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I very often call myself a Kate Spade addict. Now I am not saying that I own the biggest Kate Spade collection but I have been following the brand for years and I tend to spend a big deal of my monthly cheques on their products. It is almost incurable love relationship with one of the most colourful, happiest, positive brands in the world.

What makes Kate Spade different:


to name a few of the Kate Spade qualities that made me instantly fall in love with world of colour their genius creates. I consider myself extremely positive and happy person even in the gloomiest days, therefore, I have always seen the bright pastel colours as something that suits me best. Black is called fashion but Kate Spade proves that so does colour can be. It is easy to go wrong with the colour but Kate Spade inspires me to match it right, seeing how incredibly stylish they mix and match the lovely colours of happiness. 

A few words about the creation of the whimsical, wittiest brand and the person behind the spade: 

Back in 1991 Kate Brosnahan Spade leaves her job at the famous women magazine Mademoiselle with a mission to create the most perfect handbag. While working for the magazine she could not help but notice that the market then lacked stylish and sensible bags and decided it was time to create her own. After long research of all types of different styles, fabrics and different markets, in 1993 Kate Spade finally produced her first handbags line characterised with classic shapes, colours and fabrics. Debuting with only six silhouettes, she combines sleek, utilitarian shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way. And Kate Spade New York was born.

Today Kate Spade New York has grown into a global lifestyle brand with over 80 retail shops and outlet stores all over US and over 100 international stores all over the world, all the while, never losing sight of who they really are and keeping real to their style.  (source: http://www.katespade.com)

Thank you Kate Spade for inspiring every day of my life!