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OK, it isn’t that “late” but after this busy week I feel exhausted and it does feel pretty late. Didn’t have any time whatsoever to take a break, let alone blog. But here I am all free tonight and first of all I want to thank Studentzooey (http://studentzooey.wordpress.com/) for being such a sweetheart and nominating me for an award called “One lovely blog”. Now I do not know what is it all about but I really appreciate it. If I have some time I will definitely take part of this but for now I just want to say thanks to this cute little thing! Her blog is super sweet and very well written so I absolutely love reading her stories and will recommend it to you. So, thanks again and good luck in your studies and your new life at uni!

Now I am just about to go to bed and I am so excited for tomorrow and the weekend.

I am currently having troubles choosing what to wear this weekend but I will definitely make some outfit posts if I come up with something I really like.

Happy end of Thursday my lovelies!


V. Xx