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My dear people,

 When I first started this blog my idea was to keep it very personal, including daily updates with my outfit ideas. I realise that there are thousands of similar blogs out there and we all believe we have great sense of fashion but this is one way to escape from my, usually, busy and hectic days.  However, reviewing my posts I realise that, unintentionally, I am slowly transforming it into one of those fashion blogs that features only well-known expensive brands and has no purpose other than many, many pretty pictures of expensive and shiny things. I want more than that. I do not wish to simply share ‘how talented I am in finding nice clothes’ but I want to be useful to other people.

So here is what I’m thinking. I am one of those women who has lust after expensive clothes and accessories. I live on my own and have very little responsibilities, so stupidly I spend most of my monthly income on these pricy products, even if it means that I may struggle a bit until the next payday. It is in the woman’s nature to strive after the glamour but, realistically, how many of us can afford these expensive brands? Here is the place to express my believe that owning an expensive bag does not instantly makes one stylish. I believe low-income does not mean we have to sacrifice our style. In fact, I use many of the expensive clothes I feature in my posts just as an example and very often I am able to recreate the very same looks with a lot cheaper products. I am determined to start featuring low- budget outfit ideas in my blog along with my usual daily posts and once or twice a week I will be choosing a celebrity look to recreate. I am hoping it will give a bit more purpose to my blog and the idea of being useful to my readers will also be a reason more than enough for me to keep it running.

Thank you nice and friendly people for your interest! Feel free to contact me for any question or concern, even if you need someone to just chat about! I love messages.